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Thursday October 27
9:00 a.m.

Showers are likely today after 11 a.m. and may turn to snow during the overnight hours.

Fox 5 in DC released its winter outlook calling for a colder and snowier season compared to last year.  I'm assuming the numbers on the graphic are expected totals above normal.  Forty inches for us is nothing as our average snowfall is 122 inches (according to my records).

An amazing video edit of Summer 2016 from Logan Marks of Marks Media.  I want to hang out with them. Too much fun!

Early voting opens today in Maryland and Garrett County offers two voting locations: Oakland Community Center (old Armory) and the Northern Outreach Center.

Fall turkey season will open Saturday in western Maryland counties.


Wednesday October 26
9:00 a.m.

Frost on the rooftops, fog rising off the lake, the sun is shining and it's a beautiful morning.  Once the mercury rises a bit, it will be a beautiful day.  The airport recorded a low of 32 this morning, but my car read 28.

The CrazyTourist.com named the 15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Maryland and ranked Oakland as #9.

Trip Advisor lists Things to Do In Garrett County.

It's Bat Week.  (Yes, that is evidently a thing)  The DNR featured an interesting article on White-nose Syndrome, a fungus that's killing bats.

It's the last Wednesday to visit the Farmer's Market in Oakland. Final market for the season will be Saturday.


Tuesday October 25
9:00 a.m.

Thirty-four degrees this morning and tonight's forecasted low is now 28.  Yikes!  Bring in those outdoor mums. 

For the second day, the SHA is working on the 219 bridge with one lane crossing.  A bit of a nuisance to get anywhere from Lake Shore Drive.

Maryland Paranormal suggests that the Oakland Train Station is haunted in this article

Tickets are still available for the HART Black Tie and Tails gala at Wisp on November 5.  (click on the picture on that page for more information and a link to purchase your tickets)


Monday October 24
9:00 a.m.

Fall is upon us this week.  Highest temperature forecast in the week is 52 and nights will be in the 30's.

Very cold and rainy for the majority of the weekend.  Although the rain did move out on Sunday, the one constant throughout was the wind.  All weekend long.  There were reports of some snowflakes around, but I didn't see any.  Canaan Valley got a generous dusting.

A transformer blew near Mosser Road and 219 on Friday night leaving most of McHenry in the dark for a while.

Most of our leaf color remaining is the dark browns and maroons.  The bright maples are few and far between.  Don't get me wrong, still a lot of beauty to see, but the best is behind us.

A civilian member of the McHenry Police Barracks will be taking supplies to Clendenin, WV, a town devastated by flooding a few months ago.  Donations of gently used coats, hats, scarves, and gloves can be dropped off at the barracks until Friday. 

The Maryland bear hunting season opens today in Garrett, Allegany and Washington counties.  The Baltimore Sun features an article on the controversial hunt


Friday October 21
9:00 a.m.

The call came last night around 8:40 that we were under a severe thunderstorm warning.  I saw some lightning, but nothing too severe over my house.  Six-tenths of a inch of rain fell overnight and a beautiful sunrise to start the day.  (photo courtesy of Mariel Schenk)

Then, I noticed this nastiness coming my way...

My point being, things are about to change today.  A flash flood warning is in effect until noon, the wind is picking up, the temperature is going to drop and the NWS has jumped on the snow flurry bandwagon for Saturday.  One thing is for sure, I see a lot of time behind a rake in my future.  So many leaves...

SpinSheet Magazine featured a story on sailing at Deep Creek and our own Flying Scots.  (page 98)

The county provides an update on the Western Conveyance sewer project.

The Southern High School theatre department will host a haunted hayride this weekend (and next) through Broadford Park.  Rides run from 7-10 and the cost is $5/person.


Thursday October 20
9:00 a.m.

No rain so far, but it is a certainty for tonight and tomorrow with possible heavy downpours.  Hoping the leaves can hold on. 

I took a trip along Sang Run Road, Bishoff Road and Rt. 42 yesterday.  Absolutely spectacular!

NeuBeam high speed internet is now available in southern Garrett County.  Also of note, two towers were just put up across from the McDonald's at the lake.  I'm no expert, but they look like cell towers.  Could it be Verizon?

An off-road vehicle trail has been approved for construction in the Savage River State Forest.

Early deer muzzleloader season opens today.  

The fall issue of the Maryland Natural Resource magazine is now available.


Wednesday October 19
9:00 a.m.

Clouds are here and rain is on the way with a chance of showers through Saturday morning.  My phone weather app shows a snowflake on Saturday, but the NWS is just calling for rain so far.

The wind really picked up yesterday afternoon.  I was hoping it would blow some of my downed leaves away, but it just added to the pile.  Acorns are falling fast, too.  Folklore claims that's a sign of a bad winter.

The 3-2-1 Fall Promotion started yesterday and runs through December 15.  Stay three nights for the price of two at these participating properties

The Baltimore Sun features a nice artice on Cumberland

Garrett Trails is hosting a meet-and-greet with its new executive director, Ashlee Boyd, tonight from 6-8 at Ace's Run.  It is also Pasta Night at Ace's.  A win-win!

Our webcam is back up and running. 


Tuesday October 18
9:00 a.m.

Beautiful sunset, moon, sunrise, and color.  We are surrounded by nature's glory and today we get a little return of summer before the rain arrives for the rest of the week.

A picture from my walk yesterday...

I just realized my webcam was down.  Geez, nothing like missing the best part.  Hoping to have it up and running soon.

Barbara Beeler, founder of Friends of Deep Creek Lake, had a letter the editor on fracking in Maryland published in the Baltimore Sun.

Dutch's at Silver Tree will donate 15% of sales tonight from 4 p.m. to closing to the Garrett County Dove Center.

Even though our local Long & Foster is now part of the Taylor-Made family, they are still compiling Market Minutes for the county.  September's is now available.

The county launched a new, more user-friendly version of the County Webmaps


Monday October 17
9:00 a.m.

Partly sunny today and a couple warm days ahead.  Tomorrow's high will be 76.  Wow.

Another successful Autumn Glory Festival is in the books and Mother Nature couldn't have been kinder with the weather.  It was a bit warmer than expected on Saturday and Sunday.  We were sweating in our sweaters at the feature parade.

Barring any high winds or heavy rain, we should be able to milk another weekend for visitors coming to leaf peep.  It is gorgeous right now!

Congratulations to Nancy Railey of Railey Mountain Lake Vacations on being named this year's Golden Ambassador for the Autumn Glory Festival. 

Mountain State Brewing was featured by Only In Maryland and so was Carmel Cove Inn

The commissioners' meeting scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled.  The next meeting will be held on November 7.


Thursday October 13
9:00 a.m.

Rain has arrived this morning, but will clear out this afternoon for the weekend.  There is a frost warning overnight.  I'm no expert, but I think that will make our colors pop even more.  We're still not at peak, but it is certainly beautiful.

Anyone planning to eat at The Greene Turtle today/tonight, please present this coupon and a portion of your check will benefit HART for Animals.

I made a note to mention that Blue Moon Rising will be offering tours of the property on Sunday from 1-3.  I can't remember where I read that, so it may or may not be true.  :-)

It is true that Bill's Marine Service will be having its annual Customer Appreciation Weekend on Saturday and Sunday with refreshments from 12-5 each day.

There will also be an open house on this property on Sunday from 1-3.

Time for fall trout stocking and you can find updates on stocking locations here.

 Check out the reclining sofa and chair just added to our Online Marketplace.

I won't be posting tomorrow, so I'll wish everyone happy and safe Autumn Glory weekend. Enjoy all the activities and take time to soak in all in. 


Wednesday October 12
8:30 a.m.

Another sunny (and chilly) morning, but it will warm up to an expected high of 66.  I have my thermostat set at 60 and my furnace has been kicking on pretty regularly the past couple nights.  It's cold!

I took a much-needed hike yesterday on my favorite trail with an old friend and our four-legged best friends.  Sharing my secret place... It's not listed on the Garrett Trail system, but the trailhead is along Rt. 495 about 1/2 mile south of the 4H camp.  There's a parking lot on the right (heading north). It's an up and back, about 3.5 miles long.  I hate to ruin the surprise, but this is your view from the fire tower/platform -- the Monroe Run Overlook but higher. It's only going to get better in the next few days.  If you're able, take the time.

Cobblestone Hair Salon passed inspection and is now open for business in Dry Dock Plaza.

Savage River Road will be closed today for maintenance. 

Onlyinyourstate.com features Oakland as an autumn day trip.

The Autumn Glory Festival will officially begin tonight at the Kick-off dinner and except for a little rain tomorrow morning, we have the all-clear with no more rain in the forecast. 

Check out the new listing for a mountain top retreat on Silver Spur Road in the Roman Nose community.


Tuesday October 11
9:00 a.m.

Another cold, crisp morning.  We've been under a frost advisory the past two nights, but I haven't noticed any in my area.  The preliminary forecast for the Autumn Glory Festival looks great, but you'll definitely need to break out the sweaters and jackets, though.  True Autumn temperatures.

Here's a look at the current leaf status from Bob Carney at the state park this morning.  Other areas are a little further along, but you can see there's still a lot of beauty to come and these cold nights should speed things up.

Evidently it is road improvement season in McHenry.  The county roads department was paving Deep Creek Drive the past few weeks and now the State Highway is working on 219 in McHenry.  It was one-lane all day yesterday around Burger King and today they are on and around the 219 bridge.

It is certainly mating season for deer and a time when they are most active and most destructive to automobiles.  The DNR offers tips to avoid a wildlife collision.  Of note, West Virginia, the national leader in deer collisions, is reintroducing elk to the state.  Hmm...

Congratulations to George Lander, Garrett County's Most Beautiful Person for 2016. 

My Deep Creek Times community rocks, too.  Many thanks to all who have reached out to me.  Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.


Monday October 10
9:30 a.m.

I am very sorry to report that my husband, Mike Schroyer, passed away on Thursday.  My girls and I have been fully enveloped with support, love and condolences from this wonderful community we call home.  Garrett County's true beauty lies in the heart of its people.  Today, I pick myself up and trudge on.

Over 1.5 inches of rain between Friday and Saturday, but the sun finally came on Sunday and remains out today.  Looks nice, but it is cold as we hit a low of 34 this morning.

The leaves are really starting to pop and should be right on cue for peak during the Autumn Glory Festival.

The Journal out of Martinsburg, WV featured a great article on Deep Creek Lake.

My understanding is that the Lakefront Bargain Hunt on Deep Creek Lake was fantastic.  Still no word on when it will air on HGTV.

The October issue of HART's newsletter, Tails Up, is now available.


Thursday October 6
9:30 a.m.

We will be taking a brief hiatus on these morning Notes due to a family emergency.  Thank you for understanding.


Tuesday October 4
9:30 a.m.

We dipped into the 40's overnight, but we will recover in the mid-60's and the sun will come out, too.

Fall colors are starting to emerge.  According to this report, a significant portion of the foliage at Herrington Manor State Park has changed. At the lake, a significant portion remains unchanged.  

A little over a year after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Governor Hogan had his last chemo treatment yesterday and he is cancer-free and in complete remission.  Great news!

The Board of Education will be having a public auction on Friday at 10 a.m. at its warehouse on N. 8th Street in Oakland.

According to Accuweather, the northeast will see frequent storms over the course of winter.  Hopefully, it doesn't wait until after the holidays like it did last year.

Annapolis folks, Flying Scot will be at the United States Sailboat Show held this Thursday through Sunday. Take advantage of boat show specials and see this year's show boat with more features than ever before.

Attention miniature golf fans, a descramble tournament will be held at Funland on Saturday to help offset expenses for the Southern High School golf team to travel to the state tournament.  Sounds fun and you get a pizza!  Win, win.

A pop-up camper is now listed in our Online Marketplace.


Monday October 3
9:30 a.m.

The morning fog is burning off to partly sunny skies and it looks like a great fall week ahead.  There was a heron on my lakefront this morning walking in full stealth mode.  Very cool!  That doesn't happen often, so I'm taking as a sign of good luck.

Total rainfall for the month of September was 2.2 inches, but 1.3 of those fell on the last 2 days so it was a pretty dry September overall. 

The Times-News featured a story on the Deep Creek Lakefront Bargain Hunt episode and Jon Bell of Railey Realty, the featured realtor.  Even better news, there's more episodes to come! 

Here's the agenda for this afternoon's public commissioners meeting.

The Garrett Community Concert Band always welcomes new members--no auditions necessary!  The band is a multigenerational group of people who enjoy playing music together.  Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings, 7 - 9 p.m. in the Garrett College auditorium.

2017 Maryland State Park Passports are now available for purchase online.


Friday September 30
9:30 a.m.

The rain has stopped for now.  Just over an inch of rain for this event, thus far. The chance for more rain continues through tomorrow morning, but the worst is behind. Thankfully, the howling wind of last night is gone, too. 

Hold the phone!  The original information on the Deep Creek episode of Lakefront Bargain Hunt was correct.  It will, in fact, premiere on October 6 at 9 p.m., but it will be on Great American Country.  (326 on DirecTV)  Now I have a week to figure out how much adding GAC to my package will cost me.  :-(  I assume it will air on HGTV soon.  We can all keep checking here for a date for Season 4, Episode 13.  That's us. 

Mountain State Brewing Co. is expanding brewing operations into Tucker County. 

MTB Project provides the "next generation in mountain bike trail maps".  Margraff Plantation, Fork Run Trails and the Deep Creek Loop are included on the site.  Good information for bikers -- and for hikers, too.

A couple notes on the new issue.  Firstly, that front picture is not from this year.  Don't panic.  We're not there yet.  Secondly, I took that water temperature 5 times in 5 different places and it reads 76.  Crazy. The average for end of September is 65.  Finally, some people have asked about the old Local Tidbits page.  I removed it last month.  It was created pre-Daily Notes and we just felt it was redundant and very difficult to fill. The goal is to cover it all right here. 

The Discovery Center is hosting a Hawk Watch weekend with a field trip to Dan's Mountain in Allegany County. 

The 1st annual Bralympics from Cindy's Fund will be held Sunday in the Oakland Town Parking lot.

Our Town Theatre will premiere it's Build-A-Play production, Colon the Coal, Saturday and Sunday at 1:00.  Admission is free, but donations are always appreciated.