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    Notice:  Compost & Leaf Pile Has Been Relocated
    The compost and leaf pile are now located in a new place
    at the landfill on Oakland Sang Run Road.
    Go over the scales - the Scale Master will direct you where to take materials.

    Hypodermic Syringe Disposal:  Dispose of syringes properly.  Please put them in a puncture-resistant container with a screw-on top (i.e., launder detergent jug). Mark container “sharps,” “syringes,” or “needles.”  Proper disposal of syringes will make it safe for anyone who handles your trash.  For more information, please call 301 387 0322.

    Announcement: Acceptance of Bids for Recyclable Materials
    Garrett County Solid Waste and Recycling will be accepting bids for the purchase of recycled materials by a deadline date of the seventh (7th) of each month, 4:00 p.m. (local time).  If bids are not received by the seventh (7th) of each month, 4:00 p.m. (local time), bids will not be considered.  If the seventh (7th) of the month is on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, bids will be accepted no later than the next business day. 

    RECYCLING TIDBITS - Why must we sort recyclable materials in Garrett County?  Why can’t we just throw everything in one box?  Materials are sorted in Garrett County so that when they arrive at their destination (by truck), the processor (often located outside of the County or State) will pay top dollar for the recyclable materials.  If the materials are mixed together, processors pay a zero amount.  Obviously we want to cover the truck hauling costs as this is the best method of transportation for our materials due to our geographic location and make enough money to run our Recycling Program each year.  Therefore, it is necessary to ask that each resident pitch in and separate their own materials.  Recycling and separating materials is really easy and once you learn the basics, it’s just like riding a bike or cooking that favorite recipe.  It’s not hard at all.  Recycling together as a family not only teaches our children to respect their home and community, it also allows for quality time spent together participating in an activity that will help the environment (locally) and teach values and good habits that will last a lifetime.
    Source: Kim Madigan, 2013

    An Environmental bill passed in the Senate in 2014, requiring special event planners to provide recycling at special events if their event met the three basic criteria points listed below.  Please read on to have a better understanding of SB 781 Environment – Recycling – Special Events: 

    A.    Special Events Subject to the Recycling Program:

    Environment Article, §9-1712, Annotated Code of Maryland, requires special events organizers to provide for recycling at special events that meet the following three criteria:

    1.      Includes temporary or periodic use of a public street, publicly owned site or facility, or public park;

    2.      Serves food or drink; and

    3.      Is expected to have 200 or more persons in attendance.

    Projected attendance may be estimated based on past attendance, number registered to attend, the venue’s seating capacity, or other similar methods.

    In consultation with municipalities, the County has identified the following public sites within the County that host or may host special events meeting the above criteria.  In addition to the sites listed individually, special events taking place on any local, State, or Federally-owned streets are also included in the Special Events Recycling Program (SERP).

    1. Municipally-owned sites-Broadford Lake Park, Pittsburgh Ave., Oakland, Md. 21550,


                                                Friendsville Community Park, Friendsville, Md. 21531


                                                Glades Town Park, 301 G Street, Mtn. Lake Park, Maryland



    2.       Town Fairground –  Garrett County Fairgrounds, 219 Mosser Rd., McHenry, Md. 21541,  



    3.       Community Center - Avilton Community Center, 8295 Avilton-Lonaconing Rd.,

                                      Lonaconing, Md., 21539, 301.689.2513

                                      Flowery Vale Senior Fitness Center, 204 S. South St., Accident,

                                      Md., 21520, 301.746.8050

                                      Friendsville Community Center, 947 Community Dr., Friendsville,

                                      Md., 21531, 301.746.5300

                                      Grantsville Senior Center, 125 Durst Court, Grantsville, Md., 

                                      21536, 301.895.5818

                                      Kitzmiller Community Center, 104 W. Center St., Kitzmiller, Md.,

                                      21538, 301.453.3445

                                      Mary Browning Senior Center, 104 E. Center St., Oakland, Md.,                         

                                      21550, 301.334.9431, Ext. 6134

                                      Pleasant Valley Community Center, 975 Joni Miller Rd., Oakland,

                                      Md., 21550, 301.334.2826

                                      Swanton Community Center, 3335 Swanton Rd., Swanton, Md.,

                                      21561, 301.387.9191

    County-owned sites:   Garrett County Board of Education

                                            40 S. 2nd Street

                                             Oakland, Md. 21550



                                             Accident Elementary School

                                            534 Accident Bittinger Road

                                               Accident, Maryland  21520



                                             Broad Ford Elementary School                                      

                                             607 Harvey Winters Road

                                             Oakland, Maryland 21550



                                             Crellin Elementary School                                                 

                                             115 Kendall Drive

                                             Oakland, Maryland 21550



                                             Friendsville Elementary School     

                                             1st Avenue

                                             Friendsville, Maryland  21531



                                             Grantsville Elementary School                                      

                                             P.O. Box 9

                                             Grantsville, Maryland  21536



                                             Route 40 Elementary

                                             Frostburg, Maryland  21532




                                              Swan Meadow School                

                                              6709 Garrett Highway

                                              Oakland, Maryland  21550



                                             Yough Glades Elementary School                     

                                             70 Wolf Acre Drive

                                             Oakland, Maryland 21550



                                              Northern Middle School        

                                              86 Pride Parkway

                                              Accident, Maryland  21520


                                               Southern Middle School                                                    

                                              903 Broad Ford Road

                                              Oakland, Maryland 21550



                                              Northern High School

                                             371 Pride Parkway

                                             Accident, Maryland  21520



                                              Southern High School                 

                                              345 Oakland Drive

                                              Oakland, Maryland 21550



                                              Hickory Environmental Educational Center                                              

                                              604 Pride Highway

                                              Accident, Maryland 21520



    State-owned sites:        Big Run

                               349 Headquarters Lane

                               Grantsville, Maryland  21536



                               Casselman River Bridge

                               349 Headquarters Lane

                               Grantsville, Maryland  21536



                               Deep Creek Lake

                               898 State Park Road

                               Swanton, Maryland  21561



                               Herrington Manor

                               222 Herrington Lane

                               Oakland, Maryland  21550



                               New Germany

                               349 Headquarters Lane

                               Grantsville, Maryland  21536



                               Swallow Falls

                               222 Herrington Lane

                               Oakland, Maryland  21550



                               Youghiogheny Wild & Scenic River

                               898 State Park Road

                               Swanton, Maryland  21561




    Federally-owned sites:  Jennings Randolph Lake

                                               Mt. Zion Road

                                               Swanton, Maryland  21550



                                       Youghiogheny River Lake

                                       Mill Run Road

                                       Friendsville, Maryland  21531




    B.      Materials and Obligations:

    Special events organizers are responsible for:

    1.       Providing and placing recycling receptacles adjacent to each trash receptacle at the event (except where already existing on site); 

    2.       Ensuring that recycling receptacles are clearly distinguished from trash receptacles by color or signage;

    3.       Providing any other labor and equipment necessary to carry out recycling at the event;

    4.       Ensuring that materials placed in recycling receptacles are collected and delivered for recycling; and

    5.        Paying any costs associated with recycling at the special event;

    Special events organizers may fulfill the requirement to ensure materials are collected and delivered for recycling through one or more of the following methods:

    1.       Self-hauling the materials to the County recycling drop-off site;

    2.       Contracting with a recycling hauler to collect the materials and deliver them for recycling; or

    3.       Receiving prior agreement from the site owner to use an existing recycling collection system available at the site.

    The special events recycling program should include the collection of at least #1 and/or #2 plastic containers, aluminum beverage containers, glass containers, and paper.  The special events organizer must assess the availability of food scraps recycling services for the event.  If services are available, the special events organizer must provide for food scraps recycling, including provision of separate containers for organic and non-organic recyclables


    Recycling at a State-owned site must follow the State agency’s recycling plan, if available.  Recycling at a federally-owned site must follow any applicable federal recycling plan.  If no State or federal recycling program is available for the site, the special event organizer must set up a recycling program in accordance with the SERP. Recycling at municipally-owned sites must follow any additional regulations established by the municipality.  Source:  2014 Garrett County 10 Year Solid Waste Management Plan




What to Recycle and Where






Clean & dry. Leave loose. Remove covers on books; paperback books, OK.

NO Bulk mail, plastic or paper bags, magazines, glossy inserts, or twine.

All Locations; with other paper materials.


Envelopes, copy/fax paper; colored, computer, legal, & carbonless paper; file cards, adding machine tape, manila folders, staples, tape, mail.

NO Carbon paper, spiral notebook (wire), paper bags, hand towels, or food wrappers.

Landfill, Bumble Bee, Webers and Grantsville; with other paper materials.



Corrugated cardboard (i.e., two pieces flat board w/ruffled layer in between.) Remove any packaging & flatten boxes. Shiny Cardboard, Tape & Staples Okay.

NO waxed cardboard, cereal boxes, shoe, shirt or soda boxes, or yellow Asian cardboard.

All Locations; with other paper materials.


Bottles & Jars ONLY (w/neck). Empty & rinse. Remove lids and rings. Separate by color (clear, brown and green). Labels Okay.

NO Ceramics, mirrors, crystal, window pane, light bulbs, dishes, milk, or auto glass.

All Locations; with other beverage containers.


Soda & Beer Cans. Empty & rinse. Crush (Optional). 

NO Food, Tin, Aerosol, Paint, nor other hazardous material cans.

All Locations; Local Scrap Yards. Call for Contact List; with other beverage containers


Plastic bottles w/neck (i.e., Water, Soda, Ketchup, etc.) Remove lids. Crush (Optional). Labels O.K.

NO food containers (i.e., fruit containers) NO #2 – 7

Plastic. No lids or rings.


Grantsville, Kings Run, Webers and Bumble Bee; clean lids and rings in separate bag to sites.





Plastic bottles w/neck (i.e., Milk, bleach, detergent, water, shampoo.)

Rinse. Remove lids and throw away. Crush (Optional).  Labels O.K.

Buckets, tubs, bowls, silverware, bags, egg carton, plates & food containers (i.e., margarine.)  NO #1, #3 - #7 Plastic. NO Lids

Grantsville, Kings Run, Webers and Bumble Bee; clean lids and rings in separate bag to sites.



Car, truck, equipment tires with or without wheels.


Landfill only. Additional fees apply. Local Retailer - Fee Applies. Perry's Solid Waste & Disposal, Oakland - Fee applies.


Washers, dryers, stoves, hot water tanks, dishwashers, et al.

NO appliances containing Freon will be accepted at the sites.

All locations except Friendsville.

Additional fees apply. Retailer Take-Back Program.


Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

DO NOT damage refrigerator tubing. DO NOT release Freon into the air.

Landfill Only. Additional fees apply. Retail Take-Back Programs.


Grass clippings & leaves for compost pile only. Must be loose.

Do not mix with household waste. No Bio-Degradable Bags.

Landfill only. Additional fees apply.  Mellott Farm 301 387 6815 for FREE


Brush & branches.

Do not mix with household waste.

Landfill only. Additional fees apply.






OIL(including): Engine Oil, Power Steering Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Diesel Fuel, Gear Oil, Turbine Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Fuel Oil (#2, #4, #6) & Kerosene. Filters – Drained.

Do not mix together prior to delivery to site for recycling.

Do not mix oil or antifreeze with any other fluids. Do not pour down drain or onto the ground.

Dispose of containers housing oils & antifreeze.

All locations 

Barrels or Large Amts. accepted at Hutton Auto, Oakland and Diehl's Ford, Grantsville.



Keep Clean & Dry.  Shiny & slick papers, brochures, catalogs, phone book cover, coupons, etc.

NO Office Paper, carbon paper, paper bags, plastic bags or cardboard.

Bumble Bee, Webers, Grantsville, and Landfill; w/other paper mats.



All Electronic, Computer Devices and Microwaves

Appliances (especially ones that have/had Freon).

NO Stereo Speakers.

Grantsville, Bumble Bee and Webers; Goodwill (Computers) Gville/Oakland; Radio Shack.



Compact Bulbs (CFL's); U-Tubes, 4' Lamps, 8' Lamps, Non-PCB Ballasts (Will contain a “No PCB’s” label)

NO Broken Bulbs or Lamps.

No Commercial


 Landfill Only.

Call Ofice for contact list of processors.




Recycling in Garrett County Is FREE!

Refuse & Recycling Site Hours:  Mon.- Fri. 7 am - 6 pm; Sat. 9 am - 6 pm; Sun. 12 pm - 6 pm
Except:  New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
Landfill Hours:  Mon. - Fri. 8 am - 3:30 pm; Sat. 8 am - 2:30 pm; Sun. Closed
Except:  New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Collection Site News-

Alu-minum Cans

Glass Office Paper Oil/Anti-freeze Maga-zines Oil Filters #1 Plastic #2 Plastic Appli-
Tires Card-
Bulbs & Lamps
3118 Oakland Sang Run Road. 3.5 miles north of Oakland
* * * * * * *     * * *   *
Bumble Bee
1367 Bumble Bee Road. 1 ½ miles east of Garrett College
* * * * * * * * *  *   * *  
8397 Friendsville Road. ¾ miles northwest of Friendsville
* * *                 *    
13168 National Pike. ¼ mile east of Rt. 219 north
* * *  * * * * * *  *   * *  
Kings Run
1631 Kings Run Road. ¼ mile east of Rt. 219.
* * *       *   *  *   *    
135 (Backbone)
12091 Maryland Highway. ½ mile west of Swanton Hill Road.
* * *   *      *   *   *    
10180 Garrett Highway. 1 mile south of Oakland
* * *  * * * * * *  *   * *  

Contact Info: Solid Waste & Recycling, 301-387-0322, kmadigan@garrettcounty.org

Additional Recycling Site Locations


Tire Recycling:
Tire & Rubber, Inc.
710 Grass Run Road
Weston, WV  26452

 Garrett County Landfill
3118 Oakland Sang Run Rd.
Oakland, Maryland  21550

Aluminum Cans:  All Refuse & Recycling Sites

Queen City Metals
220 W. King Street
Cumberland, MD  21502


Rrhamco, Inc.
RR 2, Box 484
Grafton, WV  26354


Ours Auto Salvage
635 Hutton Road
Oakland, MD  21550


 B & S Scrap
182 Fingerboard Road
Oakland, Maryland  21550

J.M.S. Recycling
1029 South Center Avenue
Somerset, Pa  15501
  Double M Recycling, 301.533.3500
406 Swanton Road
Swanton, Md.  21561

Webers, Bumble Bee, Kings Run, 135, Grantsville 
$5 Appliance Fee.


Garrett County Landfill
Tipping fee on Scale by Weight - $35 per ton


Bates Tire & Auto Salvage
123 Bates Road
 Markleysburg, PA  15459

Ours Auto Salvage
3635 Hutton Road
Oakland, MD  21550
(closed on Mondays)

Appliances/Mixed Metal



Edward Fields & Co.
211 Haddenfield Road
Uniontown, PA  15401
724 438 5703

Martin’s Auto Parts
1076 Pysell Crosscut Road
Oakland, MD  21550
301 334 8340

Westernport Scrap
24611 Westernport Road
Westernport, MD  21562

Double M Recycling, 301.533.3500,
406 Swanton Road
Swanton, Md.  21561