Third Annual Deep Creek Lake Boat Parade, Friday July 3rd, 2015

The Third Annual Boat Parade will be held on Friday July 3rd 2015, starting from the Deep Creek Marina in McHenry cove and ending at Dutch’s at Silver Tree. Registration will start around 6pm with the Grand Marshall's boat anchored in the McHenry cove off the Deep Creek Marina Lakeside Club. The parade of boats will get underway around 7pm with vintage (wooden hulled) boats in the first wave and decorated/lit boats in the second and proceed in single file past a number of judging stations along the route.  Spectators at the judging stations will vote for their favorite boats, and prizes will be awarded for the vintage and decorated boats that raise the most CASH, with   Grand Prizes consisting of a custom-designed Winner’s Pennant and trophies. Entrants in the parade will need to pay a MINIMUM $25 registration fee at the Grand Marshal’s boat anchored off the in the McHenry cove, and the number of entries are limited, so be sure to pre-register to ensure your spot.  

Here are the details: There will be a MINIMUM $25/boat entry fee. The winner of the Parade Pennant and trophy will be the boat that collects the most donations, so if you get more sponsors for your boat, you'll start with more votes. Once registered, each entered boat will receive a large reflective sign with their entry number. The parade will start at the Deep Creek Marina Laskeside Club in the McHenry Cove (there will be the Grand Marshall boat there to enter your boat) and proceed to Silver Tree, passing a number of judging stations along the way - at each station, spectators will vote for their favorite boats by placing a cash donation into the appropriate jar with the boat's number. The motto for voting is "Vote early, vote often and vote BIG!" The boat with the most "votes" wins! The winner will receive a trophy and a custom-designed pennant to display on your boat. Runners-up will also receive prizes. We will be limited to 40 entries this year, so print off the form and pre-register to secure your spot!

Judging Stations: 

(time when parade will pass each)

Deep Creek Marina Club (7:00)

Boardwalk (7:30)

Lakeside Creamery (7:50)

Uno’s and Honi Honi (8:15)

Dutch’s at Silver Tree (8:45)