The Discovery Center at Deep Creek Lake will be hosting a Ramp Cook off in celebration of Garrett Counties’ rich folk life.  Ramp gathering, preserving and eating has long been an eagerly awaited sign of spring in Appalachia.  Join in on this rich tradition and experience ramps first hand at the annual Ramp Cook Off and Tasting.

 Ramps, a long awaited sign of spring, are very much a part of the local folklore.  The late wild foods promoter, Euell Gibbons considered ramps “the sweetest and the best of the wild onions.”  They are high in Vitamins C and A, and are full of healthy minerals.  They have the cholesterol-reducing capacity of garlic.  Folk medicine claims that ramps keep away colds and flu.  Many love the flavorful wild food, but it is distinguished by its strong garlic and onion odor – which is quite persistent. 

The event will be held at The Discovery Center on Saturday April 25th 2015 from 11-1pm.  We you’re your winning dishes!  Bring your Grandmothers favorite family recipe, your favorite secret dish and see if it stands up to other dishes!  Past dishes include Beef and Cheesy Ramp Wraps, Ramp Frittata, Caramelized Ramp Pesto Pasta, Ramp-tato Chips and more. Judging will take place at 11am and tasting of dishes by the public will begin by 11:45pm.  A panel of two judges will determine the winner based on creativity, ramp flavor and presentation.  While judging is taking place enjoy, Double Ramp Un-rings, Grilled Ramps and Ramped- Up Corn Bread!

There will be interpretive events on site, live animals, ramp tasting and fun for the whole family.

Pre registration for the event is recommended but not necessary if you would like to enter the cook off.  Electricity will be available if needed.  Call the Discovery Center at 301-387-7067 for more information.