Finally, finally... right around mid-July it stopped raining everyday and summer actually began.  I'm thankful for it, but geesh our summers are short enough.

We barely blinked and here we are in August.  Fair week, two more weeks and then back to school on August 24th. 

I'm sorry to report that Tom Clutter of Clutter Realty passed away last month. My condolences to his family.

I don't want to brag, but my dog Zara is one of the favorite boarders at the Bed & Bark Inn.  It said so right on her report card.  I love that place (and she does too)!

There's some action going on with Santa Fe Grille. I am listed as a creditor in the bankruptcy so I get all the court documents.  I'm not sure what I am allowed to say, but, to me, it all sounds like good news.

I mentioned last month that jetpacks are allowed on Deep Creek Lake, but with the same restrictions as PWCs. Haven't seen one yet and wouldn't mind if I never did.  (Yes, I am getting old!)

Great news on the plans to open a cancer center at Garrett Memorial Hospital that will save patients valuable time spent traveling for cancer services.  #cancersucks

Here is my backyard wildlife friend for the month.  Look at that little fella!

Does there seem to be more bear sightings this year or am I just getting a lot of pictures?  I've only seen one and the scariest kind...  a cub crossed the road about 50 yards in front of me and my dog.  No sign of momma.  I must have stood there for 5 minutes debating what to do.  Rule #1 -- getting between momma and her cub is a big "no-no".

Kudos to Total Biz Fulfillment owner, Gary Ruddell.  Mr. Ruddell purchased tickets for every member of the Northern and Southern High School bands to attend the Maryland Symphony Orchestra show last month at Wisp. 

A shout out, also, to our local Lowe's who chose the Mountain Fresh Pavilion as its beautification project for 2015.  The old farmer's market is freshly painted and rejuvenated.

Deep Creek resident, Ellen Ann Callahan, has released her first book:  No Brakes: On the Wing.  The crime fiction novel is set in Baltimore and Deep Creek Lake.

The first-ever Poker Cruise will be held on the lake on August 23.  Registration is limited to 20 boats, so sign up early.  Sounds like fun! 


See you on the water.

Marta Schroyer