Overall, we had a pretty nice September and end to summer.  It just all went by too fast.

Take some time to soak in the glory of the autumn season because it, too, will go by too fast.

Before your fire up that furnace, call Naylor's Contracting to come check it out and change out the filters.

Check out the fall special at Oakland Golf Club -- $25 for 18 holes $15 for 9 and that includes the golf cart.

Last chance to golf at Wisp.  Closing day for Fantasy Valley is October 11 and Lodestone is October 31 (weather permitting)

New beginning this month... Dutch's at Silver Tree will have a Seafood buffet on Friday nights.  Also, the restaurant will be closed on Mondays & Tuesdays this fall.

Before you put your boat away call Mobile Boat Detailing 301-616-8668 and let them come clean it up and get it ready for storage.  Or, if you've had enough of your boat, consider donating it to the Deep Creek Lion's Club.  They'll take it off your hands and get you the maximum deduction for your contribution.  Call Chris at 301-616-7881.

Kudo's to First United Bank and Trust on its recent pledge of $10,000 to the Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

Proof that there is no such thing as a completely bear-proof container...

I love the sounds of nature, but the chipmunk chirping this time of year is crazy.  All. Day. Long.

Speaking of sounds,  I heard something on my morning walk one day that stopped me dead in my tracks.  Turns out it was a fox trying to scare a cat away.  That burning question has been answered -- this is what the fox says. Not my video, but this is exactly the sound it made -- for about 10 minutes. 

What I haven't heard, but many have, is coyotes howling at night.  Don't care to ever hear that, actually.

Good news.  Shingles were delivered to that shell of a house I showed a picture of last month.  They're not actually being put on the roof yet, but hopefully it will be sealed before winter. 

Here is someone takes Halloween VERY seriously...

Ace's Run has a new website.  Warning: it's going to make you hungry!

Hope you get the chance to join us this season and especially for our Autumn Glory Festival. 

See you in the leaves.

Marta Schroyer