A pretty rainy June.  I don't remember many days that were continually rainy, but the trick most days was not getting caught in the passing downpours.  We were able to serve up some pretty nice and dry weekends, though.  If you'll recall last June, I think it rained every Saturday.

Very exciting to have the Race Across America run through our county last month.   Pippa Middleton's team came through. She wasn't on the bike when it passed the time station, but her brother James, was. 

HART for Animals will be having adoption events throughout the summer.  Every Wednesday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. during July and August the center will feature adoptable dogs and cats from the Animal Shelter. 

Northern High School's AP Environmental Science class received the Tawes Youth Award for a Clean Environment.  The students received the award for their achievements with the Cove Run Brook trout restoration project.  Good stuff!

In other trout news, Crellin Elementary released 263 fingerlings this year into Snowy Creek.  This is the sixth year the students have raised and released trout into the creek with the total now at 1,120 fingerlings.

I think I said this last month, but it looks like they are just about done on the retaining wall along Rt. 219 in Thayerville.  Traffic was limited to one lane a couple days last month while they backfilled and pressure washed.  It looks really good -- a definite improvement.

As I mentioned, we will have three new commissioners next year.  Chances are it will be Paul Edwards, Jim Hinebaugh and Larry Tichnell.  I'm not writing off the Democrat and Independent candidates completely, but, according to my calculations, around 62% of voters in the county are registered Republicans and those candidates are all  Republican.  Just sayin'.

Our local class of 2014 consisted of 307 graduates, with Northern at 132 and Southern 175. All girls at the top of the class, too.  Good luck to all in their future endeavors.

The SavageMan Triathlon will be held September 13 & 14th and if you are interested in participating, sign up now.  Price bump goes into effect August 1. 

You may have noticed the Dog Wash fundraisers the past couple of months to help fund a dog park at the Lion's Club Park on Bumblebee Road.  It is worth noting that the idea for the park was initiated by a group of Gifted and Talented (GT) math students at Southern Middle School and it is a GREAT idea!  Stop by the dog wash on July 19 at the park or visit www.deepcreeklions.org/dog-park.html to donate.

My oldest daughter is learning to drive on her permit.  We can already cross "what to do if a bear crosses in front on you" off the list of lessons.  Seriously!

I had the chance to watch firsthand the circus that is "Sunday Sales" in Garrett County.  Wow!  People get really mad!  Remember, it wasn't so long ago that it wasn't even a possibility on Sundays, so asking you to eat a meal and consume only between 1 and 10 p.m. is a step, right?  And, here's a riddle:  When is a hot dog not a meal?  On Sundays in Garrett County!  Yup!

Congratulations to Lori Epp, Director on Marketing at Wisp, on her recent hole-in-one on #18 at Lodestone. 

George T. Perrine, a Loch Lynn resident and World War II veteran, was one of thirty men selected to return to Normandy, for the 70th anniversary of the invasion. 

Did you know that you shouldn't feed ducks bread? Bread offers little nutritional value for ducks and can lead to weight gain.  Better alternatives are cracked corn, defrosted frozen peas and halved grapes. 

Hopefully, everyone in the DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh area has seen the new Deep Creek Experience commercial.  Very nice!

Lots to do and see this month.  Even if you can't get here for a whole week, rental companies have properties available for shorter stays. 

See you on the water! 

Marta Schroyer