June 2015 -- the time we became the Pacific Northwest.  So. Much. Rain. 

 According to my notes, there were maybe 5 days in June that it didn't rain at some point.  Ironic that so many places need it, but the places that need it least continue to receive.

There were so many great events in June that had to be cancelled or were poorly attended due to rain.  Unfortunately, a lot were fundraisers. Very disheartening.

Turning it around in July!  I feel it!

It's the end of an era at McHenry Beverage -- George Collins is officially retired.  He may make some guest appearances on busy holidays, but for all intents and purposes, his expertise in wine will be on a personal level.  Speaking of McHenry Beverage -- I'm intrigued by the Daily's pouches they have on sale this month.  They look pretty good and 3 for $5 sounds like an opportunity to stock up. 

The End of the Line book store in the boxcar in Oakland will reopen this month after a bit of a facelift.  Stop by and browse the selection Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11 - 3.  No book is over $1 and proceeds benefit local charities. (Book donations are welcome, too)

Funny story... a visitor complained that Deep Creek really "needs to do something about its rat problem."  Rats?!?!  Umm, yeah... she was complaining about chipmunks.  Oh my gosh!  Could you imagine if all our chipmunks were rats? 

In May, I told you about my resident skunk.  June, it was the fox.  July brings a snake.  Just a garter, but I'm not a fan. I wonder what I'll be telling you about in August. For the record,  I cohabitate with deer, squirrels, birds and chipmunks (rats?) regularly. They're family :-)

Yough Glades Elementary School teacher, Mike Warne, was chosen as the featured teacher for Solution Tree, Inc.

Phil Malone, founder and director of GEARS Inc., was awarded the 2015 William Donald Schaefer Helping People Award.  Well deserved!

Congratulations to our high schools' Class of 2015.  Southern graduated 154 students and Northern 95. 

Crellin Elementary won a national recycling contest by recycling a total of 1,433 pounds of cans or 10.38 pounds/student.  The school was awarded a $1,000 prize, as well as $700 in recycling proceeds. The nationwide contest was sponsored by the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI).

A young girl tragically drowned in Texas last month and officials believe it was because she was lingering around the idle boat motor and inhaled the fumes rendering her unconscious.  Terrible story that will hopefully save a future life.

Officials believe that a fire at a house along Rock Lodge Road started because of a lightning strike to the metal chimney and set fire inside the adjacent wall.  Wow!

Happy 20th Anniversary to Lakeside Creamery!  Another Wow. I remember its opening like it was yesterday.

July is national Lake Appreciation month, so pack 'em up, head here and start appreciating! 

See you on the water.

Marta Schroyer